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Offering Hope, Empowering Communities, and Strengthening Individuals!

Our Mission

Our company’s mission is to provide insight, expertise, and experience that cultivate creative programming and unique interventions, integrating both environmental and interpersonal wellness. We want to empower individuals and communities in ways that have a smart, economical, and positive targeted impact. This impact improves both the individual and collective health of the community overall.

Our Mission
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We are Proud to Provide Comprehensive Clinical Assessments, Expert Clinical Consultation, Project Management, and Creative Problem Solving for Community Mental Health & Disability Initiatives.

About Us

About Us

EarthMark Consultants is a woman-owned S.W.A.M certified corporation located in the mid-Atlantic area.  We have successfully worked as a behavioral health subject matter expert for national and global leaders in the technology and healthcare industry since 2003.  We served as the Level II PASRR program provider in North Carolina from November 2005 through August 2023.  We are your strongest partner!

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Experts in Mental Health and Intellectual Disability Assessments.

Our Services

EarthMark professionals provide comprehensive clinical assessments, expert mental health consultation, project management, program design consultation, and collaborative creative solutioning for mental health and disability initiatives.   We have experience providing full-service expert reviews with exceptional outcomes that exceeded industry standards.  We successfully maintained a top notch quality assurance program, ensuring excellence in all levels of design to improve the lives of our most vulnerable citizens.  Our success was proven for 18 years managing the Level II PASRR (Preadmission Screening and Resident Review) program in NC.


The EarthMark professional draws on industry knowledge, years of valuable patient experience, program-specific training, and local long-standing community relationships to provide individualized clinical recommendations for each patient they encounter.  

We have experience in handling high-profile patient cases and delivering a successful and immediate pivot to secure telehealth screenings during the COVID-19 state of emergency in North Carolina.  In 2013, EarthMark successfully developed and launched a second statewide comprehensive in-person screening program that supported North Carolina’s Transition To Community Living Initiative. 

Our Services

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Diversity in Expertise

Strengthening the People We Encounter

Unmatched Attention to Detail

Services Broken Down
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We Believe in a Healthy Work Philosophy.

Our Family Culture

Our Family Culture

We are a family-oriented business encouraging a ‘smarter, efficient, and healthier’ work model. We do this by encouraging home-based and multi-use environments that afford behavioral health professionals all of the resources necessary to complete their work. We believe in minimizing all administrative tasks not directly related to the completion of work we are committed to. We reduce communication barriers by affording team members direct access to decision-makers. We encourage the use of technology to make communication and work processes as smooth and efficient as possible. Finally, we believe in the flexible work model where outcomes and dependability determine an individual’s success and longevity with the company.


We Proudly Support our Partner

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